List of products by brand Polini

If you are looking for a company specialized in components for scooters and 50cc motorcycles, you cannot ignore Polini. This historic Italian brand has always been a reference point for tuning enthusiasts and customization of these vehicles, thanks to its experience and quality of its products.

One of the main areas in which Polini stands out is that of thermal groups. Thanks to its attention to research and development, the company has developed a wide range of aluminum cylinders and pistons, capable of significantly improving the engine's performance, while ensuring reliability and longevity.

But Polini's production does not stop here. Among its most popular products are also variators, excellent for adapting the engine's performance to different driving situations, racing clutches, perfect for improving the pickup and acceleration, and transmission belts, essential to ensure a fluid and effective power transmission.

But Polini is also synonymous with scooter and 50cc motorcycle customizations. Thanks to its mechanical skills and advanced technologies, the company is able to offer specific tuning kits for numerous scooter and motorcycle models. These kits, which include, among others, cylinders, camshafts, and carburetors, allow for considerable power gains, transforming your vehicle into a real racing machine.

In short, if you are a fan of scooters and 50cc motorcycles and want to improve their performance, Polini is the ideal partner for you. Trust in its experience and quality of its products to get the most out of your vehicle.