To order do I need to sign on MotoGM?

Registration is not mandatory, but is recommended as it allows you to keep track of your order, view the status and receive more informations. To simplify the log-in you can use the access by Facebook.

How to order
Ordering is very simple. Select the type of items you’re interested in using the menus and filters on the left of the page to make the search more precise. If you’re looking for a specific item for your motorcycle or scooter, in a special category at the top, use the filter “BrandModel” in the upper left.

Prices are inclusive of VAT? 
Prices are inclusive of VAT throughout Europe. By selecting a country outside the European Community, prices will be automatically displayed without VAT.

My products have warranty? Can I request the invoice? 
All products have two years warranty on lack of conformity, are not covered by warranty items damaged by neglect or normal wear and tear. To inquire about a defect, you can use the contact form indicating your order number and the problem. An invoice is issued for all current orders.

How long the products arrives? How long the order is filled? 

MotoGM delivers all over the world. If the product is ready for delivery and the order is made within 14 hours of a working day (Mon-Fri), is usually shipped the same day. For the items where it is indicated an average waiting time, this refers to the days necessary to receive the item in our warehouse. Unless otherwise agrees, it is always made a single shipment when all items are ready for processing.