List of products by brand NGK

NGK is one of the leading manufacturers of spark plugs for motorcycles and scooters worldwide, with a wide range of high-quality products. NGK spark plugs are designed to ensure reliable and long-lasting ignition, improving engine performance and reducing emissions. Among NGK's products, you will find a wide selection of spark plugs for motorcycles and scooters, including traditional ignition spark plugs, high-performance spark plugs, and iridium spark plugs, which offer greater durability and wear resistance. NGK spark plugs are available in different variants, suitable for a wide range of motorcycle and scooter models, including racing motorcycles. In addition, NGK also offers other products for the ignition system, such as ignition coils and spark plug wires, which can contribute to improving engine performance. The range of NGK products is designed to meet the needs of all motorcyclists, from small-displacement motorcycles and scooters to high-end sport motorcycles.