List of products by brand Top Performance

Among the products offered by Motorparts, you will find a wide selection of thermal groups, pistons, clutches, crankshafts, control units, lamellar packs, and variators, which can be useful for optimizing the performance of your motorcycle or scooter. Thermal groups are components that replace the original parts of your engine and allow you to increase the vehicle's performance and maximum speed. Pistons, on the other hand, can be used to increase the engine's displacement and obtain greater power. Clutches are particularly important for improving the acceleration of the motorcycle or scooter and are available in different variants, such as double-layer clutches or anti-stress clutches. Crankshafts are components that allow you to increase the power and maximum speed of the engine. Control units, on the other hand, can be used to modify the engine mapping and optimize performance. Lamellar packs and variators, on the other hand, are components that allow you to improve the clutch and power transmission, increasing acceleration and maximum speed.