List of products by brand SENA

Sena is a leading company in the production of wireless intercoms for motorcyclists. Founded in 1998, Sena has specialized in creating advanced communication devices for motorcyclists that allow them to communicate safely and reliably while riding. Sena's products include helmet intercoms, motorcycle communication devices, motorcyclist cameras and related accessories. All of these solutions are designed to be easy to use and offer advanced features such as noise cancellation, real-time audio sharing and connectivity with external devices such as smartphones. Sena uses advanced technologies such as Bluetooth and Mesh 2.0 to ensure stable and reliable communication between motorcyclists, as well as long battery life and easy setup. Additionally, Sena's products are designed with high-quality materials and are resistant to extreme weather conditions to ensure long-lasting durability. In summary, Sena is a reliable and high-quality company in the production of intercoms for motorcyclists, with a range of advanced and user-friendly products that allow for safe and reliable communication between motorcyclists while riding.