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Leovince complete exhaust LV-12 steel Yamaha TMAX 560 20-
€799.14 -22%
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Warning: 2022> model requires bracket 3015305501
The exhaust device fulfills the ECE-R92 and EU 134/2014 directives only if the catalyzed link pipe is installed. For the validity of the homologation according to the ECE-R92 and EU 134/2014 directives concerning noise and polluting emissions, the installation of the optional catalyzed fitting is required.

Leovince is a company specialized in producing high-quality exhaust systems for motorcycles and scooters. Their range of products is extensive and includes solutions for all types of vehicles, from classic models to modern ones.

Their exhaust systems are characterized by innovative and eye-catching designs that give the motorcycle or scooter a distinctive and unique look. Thanks to their great attention to detail, Leovince products guarantee high performance, reduced emissions, and an unmistakable sound.

Among their most well-known products are slip-on exhaust systems for motorcycles and scooters, which improve engine performance, sound, and style. Additionally, they also produce complete exhaust systems, which replace the stock exhaust entirely, offering even greater performance advantages.