NGK Spark Plus CR8EB NGK Spark Plus CR8EB
NGK Spark Plus CR8EB

NGK Spark Plus CR8EB

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NGK is setting standards in meeting highest quality demands. By employing progressive engineering we ensure a performance level to satisfy also extreme conditions.

Standard Model:

* OEM Quality
* Triple-Gasket Sealing Process
* Consistent Performance
* Plug of Choice in Millions of Vehicles

Iridium Model:

The “secret” of the Iridium IX spark plug is its laser-welded electrode made of iridium. Thanks to its exceptional thin diameter of 0.6 mm it bundles ignition voltage, thus improving combustion at any speed. The engine runs smoothly, the motorcycle accelerates faster. Also, the high-tech metal iridium keeps the distance between the electrodes completely stable, thus preventing the engine from backfiring.
Availibility off in-store pick up
  • Atlantic 125
  • Atlantic 200
  • Leonardo 125/150/250
  • Scarabeo 125
  • Scarabeo 200/250
  • Sportcity 125
  • DNA 125
  • Runner 125 04-
  • Runner 125 VX
  • Runner 200 VXR
  • KX 250/F 06-
  • Madison 125/150/180
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