Rubber keychain with Yamaha logo
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Rubber keychain with Yamaha logo

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Key rings made ​​of rubber to protect the fairing with the Yamaha logo. Compatible with: - Yamaha: 250 350 Lc Ypvs_M, 350 YPVS_M, 500 Special_M, AEROX 50_S, Bulldog_M, BW's 50 euro 0-1_S, BW's 50 euro 2_S, Dragstar 1100_M, Dragstar 650_M, DT 50_M, Fazer 600 -03_M, FJ 1100_M, FJ 1200 ABS_M, FJ 1200 A_M, FJ 1200_M, FJR 1300_M, FZ 600_M, FZ 750 OW1_M, FZ 750_M, FZ1 Naked 06-_M, FZ1/Fazer 1000 -05_M, FZ1/Fazer 1000 06-_M, FZ6 S2_M, FZ6_M, FZ8_M, FZR 1000 87-88_M, FZR 1000 89-90_M, FZR 1000 91-93_M, FZR 1000 94-95_M, FZR 600 89_M, FZR 600 90_M, FZR 600 91_M, FZR 600 92-93_M, FZR 600 94-95_M, FZR 750 OW-01_M, FZX 750_M, GTS 1000_M, Majesty 125/150/180_S, Majesty 250_S, Majesty 400 -08_S, Majesty 400 09-_S, MT-01_M, MT-03_M, MT-07_M, MT-09_M, neo's 50_S, R1 00-01_M, R1 02-03_M, R1 04-06_M, R1 07-08_M, R1 09-14_M, R1 98-99_M, R6 01-02_M, R6 03-04_M, R6 05_M, R6 06-07_M, R6 08-15_M, R6 99-00_M, R7_M, RD 125_M, RD 350_M, RD 500 YPVS_M, Royal Star 1300_M, Royal Star Venture 99-_M, SR 500_M, SRX 600_M, Super Teneré 750_M, SZR 660_M, T-MAX 500 -03_S, T-MAX 500 04-07_S, T-MAX 500 08-11_S, T-Max 530 12-_S, TD 1200 Venture_M, TDM 850 91-95_M, TDM 850 96-01_M, TDM 900_M, TDR 125 DELTABOX_M, TDR 125 R_M, Thunderace 1000_M, Thundercat 600_M, Tricker 250_M, Tricker_M, TRX 850_M, TT 350_M, TT 600_M, TT S 600_M, TT-R 125L_M, TW 125_M, TW 200_M, TZ 125 94-95 comp._M, TZ 250 GP 92-95_M, TZ 250 R_M, TZR 125_M, TZR 250_M, TZR 50_M, V-Max 1700_M, V-MAX 86-92_M, V-MAX 93-94_M, V-MAX 95-_M, Virago 1100_M, Virago 250_M, Virago 535_M, Virago 750_M, Wild Star 1600_M, WR 250_M, WR 400_M, WR 426 F_M, WR 450 F_M, X City 250 euro 3_S, X-City 125_S, X-Max 125 06-09_S, X-MAX 125 10-13_S, X-Max 250 06-09_S, X-Max 250 10-13_S, X-MAX 400_S, XC 125/150 Cygnus/Fly One_S, XC Versity 300_S, XJ 400_M, XJ 550_M, XJ 600 83-90_M, XJ 600 98- Diversion_M, XJ 600 N_M, XJ 600 S 91-97 Diversion_M, XJ 650_M, XJ 750 SECA_M, XJ 750_M, XJ 900 94- Diversion_M, XJ 900_M, XJ6-N 08-_M, XJ6-S/FZ6R_M, XJR 1200_M, XJR 1300_M, XS 400 Custom_M, XS 400 E_M, XS 850_M, XT 350_M, XT 500_M, XT 550_M, XT 600 E_M, XT 600_M, XT 660 04-06_M, XT 660 R 07-_M, XT 660 X 07-_M, XTZ 660 Tenerè 08-_M, XTZ 660_M, XV 125_M, XV 1300 07-_M, XV 1600_M, XV 1700_M, XV 1900_M, XV 500 SE_M, XVZ 12TD_M, XVZ 13TD_M, XZ 550/S_M, YFM Raptor 660_M, YJR 1300_M, YZ 125_M, YZ 250 F_M, YZ 400_M, YZ 426_M, YZ 450 F_M, YZF 750 93-94_M, YZF 750 95-98_M, YZF-R 125 4T_M
250 350 Lc Ypvs_M
350 YPVS_M
500 Special_M
BW\'s 50 euro 0-1_S
BW\'s 50 euro 2_S
DT 50_M
Dragstar 650_M
Dragstar 1100_M
FJ 1100_M
FJ 1200 ABS_M
FJ 1200 A_M
FJ 1200_M
FJR 1300_M
FZ1 Naked 06-_M
FZ1/Fazer 1000 -05_M
FZ1/Fazer 1000 06-_M
FZ6 S2_M
FZ 600_M
FZ 750 OW1_M
FZ 750_M
FZR 600 89_M
FZR 600 90_M
FZR 600 91_M
FZR 600 92-93_M
FZR 600 94-95_M
FZR 750 OW-01_M
FZR 1000 87-88_M
FZR 1000 89-90_M
FZR 1000 91-93_M
FZR 1000 94-95_M
FZX 750_M
Fazer 600 -03_M
GTS 1000_M
MT-09 13-16
Majesty 125/150/180_S
Majesty 250_S
Majesty 400 -08_S
Majesty 400 09-_S
R1 00-01_M
R1 02-03_M
R1 04-06_M
R1 07-08_M
R1 09-14_M
R1 98-99_M
R6 01-02_M
R6 03-04_M
R6 05_M
R6 06-07_M
R6 08-15_M
R6 99-00_M
RD 125_M
RD 350_M
Royal Star 1300_M
Royal Star Venture 99-_M
SR 500_M
SRX 600_M
SZR 660_M
Super Teneré 750_M
TD 1200 Venture_M
TDM 850 91-95_M
TDM 850 96-01_M
TDM 900_M
TDR 125 R_M
TMAX 500 -03_S
TMAX 500 04-07_S
TMAX 500 08-11_S
TMax 530 12-16_S
TRX 850_M
TT-R 125L_M
TT 350_M
TT 600_M
TT S 600_M
TW 125_M
TW 200_M
TZ 125 94-95 comp._M
TZ 250 GP 92-95_M
TZ 250 R_M
TZR 50_M
TZR 125_M
TZR 250_M
Thunderace 1000_M
Thundercat 600_M
Tricker 250_M
V-MAX 86-92_M
V-MAX 93-94_M
V-MAX 95-_M
V-Max 1700_M
Virago 250_M
Virago 535_M
Virago 750_M
Virago 1100_M
WR 250_M
WR 400_M
WR 426 F_M
WR 450 F_M
Wild Star 1600_M
X-City 125_S
X-MAX 125 10-13_S
X-MAX 400_S
X-Max 125 06-09_S
X-Max 250 06-09_S
X-Max 250 10-13_S
XC 125/150 Cygnus/Fly One_S
XC Versity 300_S
X City 250 euro 3_S
XJ6-N 08-_M
XJ 400_M
XJ 550_M
XJ 600 83-90_M
XJ 600 98- Diversion_M
XJ 600 N_M
XJ 600 S 91-97 Diversion_M
XJ 650_M
XJ 750_M
XJ 900 94- Diversion_M
XJ 900_M
XJR 1200_M
XJR 1300_M
XS 400 Custom_M
XS 400 E_M
XS 850_M
XT 350_M
XT 500_M
XT 550_M
XT 600 E_M
XT 600_M
XT 660 04-06_M
XT 660 R 07-_M
XT 660 X 07-_M
XTZ 660 Tenerè 08-_M
XTZ 660_M
XV 125_M
XV 500 SE_M
XV 1300 07-_M
XV 1600_M
XV 1700_M
XV 1900_M
XZ 550/S_M
YFM Raptor 660_M
YJR 1300_M
YZ 125_M
YZ 250 F_M
YZ 400_M
YZ 426_M
YZ 450 F_M
YZF-R 125 4T_M
YZF 750 93-94_M
YZF 750 95-98_M
neo\'s 50_S

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