Rubber 3D keychain with Kawasaki logo
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Rubber 3D keychain with Kawasaki logo

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Key rings made ​​of rubber 3D to protect the fairing with the Kawasaki logo. Compatible with: - Kawasaki: 200 Mono_M, Eliminator 600_M, Eliminator 750_M, EN 500_M, ER 5_M, ER 6n -08_M, ER 6n 09-_M, ER-6F -08_M, ER-6F 09-_M, GP 1100_M, GP 750_M, GPX 600 R_M, GPX 750_M, GPZ 1000 RX_M, GPZ 1100 95-98_M, GPZ 1100 Orizont_M, GPZ 1100 uni-track_M, GPZ 500 S 87-88_M, GPZ 500 S 89-92_M, GPZ 500 S 93_M, GPZ 550_M, GPZ 600 R_M, GPZ 750 uni-track_M, GPZ 750_M, GPZ 900 R_M, GTR 1000_M, GTR 1400_M, KL 250_M, KLE 500_M, KLR 250_M, KLR 600_M, KLR 650_M, KLV 1000_M, KLX 110_M, KLX 300_M, KLX 650 R_M, KX 125_M, KX 250 -05_M, KX 250/F 06-_M, KX 450/F 06-_M, KX 500_M, LTD 440_M, MK2 Z 1000 79-80_M, MKIII 500/750_M, Ninja 250R_M, Versys 650_M, VN 1500/1600_M, VN 750_M, VN 800_M, Vulcan 2000_M, W 650_M, Z 1000 03-06_M, Z 1000 07-09_M, Z 1000 10-13_M, Z 1000 ST 76-79_M, Z 1000 SX_M, Z 1100 R_M, Z 400_M, Z 500_M, Z 550 F_M, Z 650_M, Z 750 04-06_M, Z 750 07-12_M, Z 750 R 11-_M, Z 800_M, Zephyr 1100_M, Zephyr 550_M, Zephyr 750_M, ZG-14 Concours_M, ZR 400 E_M, ZR 400 G_M, ZR-7_M, ZRX 1100_M, ZRX 1200_M, ZX 900_M, ZX-10 88-90_M, ZX-10R 04-05_M, ZX-10R 06-07_M, ZX-10R 08-10_M, ZX-10R 11-13_M, ZX-12_M, ZX-14R/ZZR 1400_M, ZX-6 R/RR 05-06_M, ZX-6R 00-02_M, ZX-6R 07-08_M, ZX-6R 09-13_M, ZX-6R 95-97_M, ZX-6R 98-99_M, ZX-6R/RR 03-04_M, ZX-7 Ninja_M, ZX-9 00-01_M, ZX-9 02-03_M, ZX-9 94-95_M, ZX-9 96-97_M, ZX-9 98-99_M, ZXR 1100_M, ZXR 400_M, ZXR 750 89_M, ZXR 750 90_M, ZXR 750 91-92_M, ZXR 750 93-95_M, ZZR 1100 90-92_M, ZZR 1100 93-97_M, ZZR 1100 98-00_M, ZZR 1200_M, ZZR 250_M, ZZR 400_M, ZZR 600 90-92, ZZR 600 93-_M
0.10 kg
200 Mono_M
EN 500_M
ER-6F -08_M
ER-6F 09-_M
ER 5_M
ER 6n -08_M
ER 6n 09-_M
Eliminator 600_M
Eliminator 750_M
GP 750_M
GP 1100_M
GPX 600 R_M
GPX 750_M
GPZ 500 S 87-88_M
GPZ 500 S 89-92_M
GPZ 500 S 93_M
GPZ 550_M
GPZ 600 R_M
GPZ 750 uni-track_M
GPZ 750_M
GPZ 900 R_M
GPZ 1000 RX_M
GPZ 1100 95-98_M
GPZ 1100 Orizont_M
GPZ 1100 uni-track_M
GTR 1000_M
GTR 1400_M
KL 250_M
KLE 500_M
KLR 250_M
KLR 600_M
KLR 650_M
KLV 1000_M
KLX 110_M
KLX 300_M
KLX 650 R_M
KX 125_M
KX 250 -05_M
KX 250/F 06-_M
KX 450/F 06-_M
KX 500_M
LTD 440_M
MK2 Z 1000 79-80_M
MKIII 500/750_M
Ninja 250R_M
VN 750_M
VN 800_M
VN 1500/1600_M
Versys 650_M
Vulcan 2000_M
W 650_M
Z 400_M
Z 500_M
Z 550 F_M
Z 650_M
Z 750 04-06_M
Z 750 07-12_M
Z 750 R 11-_M
Z 800_M
Z 1000 03-06_M
Z 1000 07-09_M
Z 1000 10-13_M
Z 1000 ST 76-79_M
Z 1000 SX_M
Z 1100 R_M
ZG-14 Concours_M
ZR 400 E_M
ZR 400 G_M
ZRX 1100_M
ZRX 1200_M
ZX-6 R/RR 05-06_M
ZX-6R/RR 03-04_M
ZX-6R 00-02_M
ZX-6R 07-08_M
ZX-6R 09-13_M
ZX-6R 95-97_M
ZX-6R 98-99_M
ZX-7 Ninja_M
ZX-9 00-01_M
ZX-9 02-03_M
ZX-9 94-95_M
ZX-9 96-97_M
ZX-9 98-99_M
ZX-10 88-90_M
ZX-10R 04-05_M
ZX-10R 06-07_M
ZX-10R 08-10_M
ZX-10R 11-13_M
ZX-14R/ZZR 1400_M
ZX 900_M
ZXR 400_M
ZXR 750 89_M
ZXR 750 90_M
ZXR 750 91-92_M
ZXR 750 93-95_M
ZXR 1100_M
ZZR 250_M
ZZR 400_M
ZZR 600 90-92
ZZR 600 93-_M
ZZR 1100 90-92_M
ZZR 1100 93-97_M
ZZR 1100 98-00_M
ZZR 1200_M
Zephyr 550_M
Zephyr 750_M
Zephyr 1100_M

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