Afam Front sprocket 2750014, 530 pitch, 14 teeth
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Afam Front sprocket 2750014, 530 pitch, 14 teeth

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The sprockets are made on precision controlled equipment in a modern 25,000 square foot facility. The teeth are machined to the latest standards, this ensures the maximum chain life and more efficient power transmission. Machining is carried out on a gear hobbing machine. The teeth and the outside diameter are cut at the same time. This makes sure that the teeth are concentric to the sprocket centre. Most OEM’s demand a maximum run-out of 0.5mm, all AFAM sprockets have a maximum run-out of 0.2mm - more than twice as accurate as the industry standard! Advantages and Benefits: * High strenth steel * Made of chromoly steel machined all over for accuracy. * Drilled for lightness Compatible with: - Suzuki: 550 ES_M, Bandit GSF 1200_M, Bandit GSF 600_M, Bandit GSF 650/S 05-06_M, Bandit S GSF 600_M, GS 550 EZ_M, GS 550 L Custom_M, GS E 500 -96_M, GSX 1100 F_M, GSX 1200_M, GSX 600 F 98-_M, GSX 750 EF_M, GSX 750 F 89-96_M, GSX 750 F 98-_M, GSX 750 Naked_M, GSX F 600 90-95_M, GSX F 600 97-00_M, GSX R 750 86-87_M, GSX R 750 88-89_M, GSX R 750 90_M, GSX R 750 91_M, GSX R 750 92-93_M, GSX R 750 94-95_M, GSX R 750 96-99_M, RF 600_M, VZ 800 Marauder_M - Yamaha: Fazer 600 -03_M, FZR 600 89_M, FZR 600 90_M, FZR 600 91_M, FZR 600 92-93_M, FZR 600 94-95_M, RD 350_M
0.50 kg
550 ES_M
Bandit GSF 600_M
Bandit GSF 650/S 05-06_M
Bandit GSF 1200_M
Bandit S GSF 600_M
GS 550 EZ_M
GS 550 L Custom_M
GS E 500 -96_M
GSX 600 F 98-_M
GSX 750 EF_M
GSX 750 F 89-96_M
GSX 750 F 98-_M
GSX 750 Naked_M
GSX 1100 F_M
GSX 1200_M
GSX F 600 90-95_M
GSX F 600 97-00_M
GSX R 750 86-87_M
GSX R 750 88-89_M
GSX R 750 90_M
GSX R 750 91_M
GSX R 750 92-93_M
GSX R 750 94-95_M
GSX R 750 96-99_M
RF 600_M
VZ 800 Marauder_M
FZR 600 89_M
FZR 600 90_M
FZR 600 91_M
FZR 600 92-93_M
FZR 600 94-95_M
Fazer 600 -03_M
RD 350_M

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