Traction control NDTmoto IRC- Power slide control for Aprilia RSV4
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Traction control NDTmoto IRC- Power slide control for Aprilia RSV4

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Traction Control is now very common on racing bikes and is now going to be used even by regular riders, for both track and road use. The aim of the Traction Control system is to avoid the loss of traction during acceleration. It is a simple system in terms of setup: only difference of wheels diameter and number of front and rear pulses; driver has the possibility to change the setup during the race, acting on a 40 position potentiometer. The NDTMoto system acts even like a wheelie control. Currently it allows front wheel rise about 20 cm afterwards it goes down again. There have been several comparison tests with competitors system and this system always won magazine tests. You will also see in a lot of forums that people are recommending this system. This system is autoadaptive ie, the cut is not constant like the competitors but you set up the slippery amount you accept and the system work only when this limit had been passed in really sweet manner. It can cut from 5 till 65% of power, choosing the amount in function of the needs. The system is able to understand if you are on straight or in a slow corner or in a fast corner and acts consequently. Features: - Adaptive power cut on 1 or 2 cylinders for a smooth and powerful control (from 5% till 65% of power cut). -Connection either coils and injectors. - Plug & Play for all Japanese sports bike, Ducati, Aprilia, MV Agusta, Triumph and KTM. Easy instructions for the other bikes. - Automotive Sensors, not from an electronic shop. - Waterproof (IP67) system: sensors, connectors and case. - Continuous check on connections, software and hardware for a top reliability. - Safety components to prevent system failure in case of wrong installation. - 4-Progressive algorithm: : variable cut off behaviour according to speed. - LAUNCH CONTROL: : for thunder starts. - Led: flashing communicates working status and failures. - TELEMETRY: : output signal for connection with any telemetry systems. - Easy to use: Set up of RATIO (wheels ratio), PULSE (speedometer nut pulses) SENSITIVITY - (system sensitivity through trimmer on handlebar with multiple maps choices). - SPEED LIMITER for box lanes. Compatible with: - Aprilia: RSV4_M
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