Rizoma Sport Line Alu Grips GR205 (1 pair)
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Rizoma Sport Line Alu Grips GR205 (1 pair)

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Rizoma Sport Line handlebar grips are constructed of billet aluminum and designed for minimal weight and maximum comfort. The rubber ergonomic insert design and new cable mechanism guarantee precision and functionality. These grips fit all standard 22mm handlebars and clip-ons. They measure 119mm long. Sold as a pair with 3 throttle cams for all brands except MV Agusta. An MV Agusta throttle grip cam is sold separately. Compatible with: - Aprilia: Dorsoduro 750_M, ETV 1000 Caponord_M, Mana 850_M, Pegaso 650 Factory_M, Pegaso 650 Strada_M, Pegaso 650 Trail_M, RS 125 06-10_M, RS 250 95-97_M, RS 250 98-_M, RST 1000 Futura_M, RSV 1000 -03_M, RSV 1000 04-_M, RSV 1000 R -03_M, RSV4_M, RXV 4.5-5.5_M, Shiver 750_M, SL 1000 Falco_M, SXV 4.5-5.5_M, Tuono 1000 -05_M, Tuono 1000 06-09_M, Tuono V4 R_M - Benelli: Tornado TRE -07_M - Bmw: HP2 Megamoto_M, R 1200 GS -09_M, R 1200 GS 10-_M, R 1200 R_M, R 1200 S_M - Cagiva: Mito 125_M, Navigator 1000_M, Raptor 1000_M, Raptor 125_M, Raptor 650_M, V-Raptor 1000_M, V-Raptor 650_M, Xtra Raptor 1000_M - Ducati: 1098 R_M, 1098 S_M, 1098_M, 1198 S_M, 1198_M, 1199 Panigale_M, 1199 S Panigale_M, 748 95-97 biposto_M, 748 98- biposto_M, 748 R_M, 748 SPS_M, 748 SP_M, 749_M, 848_M, 916 95-00 biposto_M, 916 Racing_M, 916 SPS_M, 996 SPS_M, 999_M, Desmosedici RR_M, Diavel_M, GT 1000 07-_M, Hypermotard 1100 EVO_M, Hypermotard 1100_M, Hypermotard 796_M, Monster 1000 i.e._M, Monster 1100 EVO_M, Monster 1100 S_M, Monster 1100_M, Monster 400_M, Monster 600 1994_M, Monster 600 95-98_M, Monster 600 99-01_M, Monster 620_M, Monster 695_M, Monster 696_M, Monster 750 00-_M, Monster 750 96-99_M, Monster 796_M, Monster 800 i.e._M, Monster 900 00-_M, Monster 900 93-99_M, Monster S2R 1000_M, Monster S2R 800_M, Monster S4R -06_M, Monster S4R 07-_M, Monster S4RS_M, Monster S4_M, Multistrada 1000_M, Multistrada 1100_M, Multistrada 1200 10-12_M, Multistrada 1200 13-15_M, Multistrada 620_M, Paul Smart 1000 06-_M, Scrambler 2015_M, SS 1000_M, SS 350_M, SS 400_M, SS 600_M, SS 620_M, SS 750 91-97_M, SS 750 98-_M, SS 800_M, SS 900 91-97_M, SS 900 98-_M, ST2_M, ST3_M, ST4_M, Streetfighter 1100 S_M, Streetfighter 1100_M - Gilera: GP 800_S, NordWest_M, RC 600_M - Honda: Africa Twin 650_M, Africa Twin 90-91_M, Africa Twin 92_M, Africa Twin 93-95_M, Africa Twin 96-_M, CB 1000 big-one_M, CB 1000 F_M, CB 1000 R_M, CB 1100 F_M, CB 1300 03-07_M, CB 1300 99-02_M, CB 500 S 97-_M, CBF 1000 ST_M, CBF 1000_M, CBF 500 04-06_M, CBF 600 -07_M, CBF 600 08-_M, CBR 1000 RR 04-05_M, CBR 1000 RR 06-07_M, CBR 1000 RR 08-11_M, CBR 1100 97-98_M, CBR 1100 99-_M, CBR 600 91-92_M, CBR 600 93-94_M, CBR 600 95-98_M, CBR 600 99-00_M, CBR 600 F 01-06_M, CBR 600 FS 01-02_M, CBR 600 RR 03-04_M, CBR 600 RR 05-06_M, CBR 600 RR 07-08_M, CBR 600 RR 09-12_M, CBR 900 00-01_M, CBR 900 02-03_M, CBR 900 92-93_M, CBR 900 94-95_M, CBR 900 96-97_M, CBR 900 98-99_M, CRF 250 04-09_M, CRF 450 R 04-09_M, CRF 450 R 2002_M, CRF 450 R 2003_M, CRF 50_M, CRF 70_M, DN-01_M, Dominator 88-92_M, Dominator 93-97_M, Dominator 98-_M, FMX 650_M, Hornet 600 03-04_M, Hornet 600 05-06_M, Hornet 600 07-10_M, Hornet 600 11-_M, Hornet 600 98-02_M, Hornet 900_M, Integra 700_S, SH-300 , SLR 650_M, Transalp 650_M, Transalp 700_M, Transalp 87-90_M, Transalp 91-93_M, Transalp 94-96_M, Transalp 97-99_M, Varadero 1000_M, VFR 750 86-87_M, VFR 750 88-89_M, VFR 750 90-93_M, VFR 750 94-97_M, VFR 800 98-01_M, VFR 800 V-Tec_M, Vigor 650_M, VTR 1000 F_M, VTR SP1/RC51 00-01_M, VTR SP2/RC51 02-_M, X 11_M, XR 400_M, XR 600_M, XR 650 L_M, XR 650 R_M - Kawasaki: ER 5_M, ER 6n -08_M, ER 6n 09-_M, ER-6F -08_M, ER-6F 09-_M, KX 250 -05_M, KX 250/F 06-_M, KX 450/F 06-_M, Versys 650_M, Z 1000 03-06_M, Z 1000 07-09_M, Z 1000 10-13_M, Z 1000 14-15_M, Z 1000 SX_M, Z 750 04-06_M, Z 750 07-12_M, Z 750 R 11-_M, Z 800_M, ZR-7_M, ZRX 1100_M, ZRX 1200_M, ZX-10R 04-05_M, ZX-10R 06-07_M, ZX-10R 08-10_M, ZX-10R 11-13_M, ZX-12_M, ZX-14R/ZZR 1400_M, ZX-6 R/RR 05-06_M, ZX-6R 00-02_M, ZX-6R 07-08_M, ZX-6R 09-13_M, ZX-6R 95-97_M, ZX-6R 98-99_M, ZX-6R/RR 03-04_M, ZX-7 Ninja_M, ZX-9 00-01_M, ZX-9 02-03_M, ZX-9 94-95_M, ZX-9 96-97_M, ZX-9 98-99_M, ZXR 1100_M, ZXR 400_M, ZXR 750 91-92_M, ZXR 750 93-95_M, ZZR 1100 90-92_M, ZZR 1100 93-97_M, ZZR 1100 98-00_M, ZZR 1200_M, ZZR 600 90-92, ZZR 600 93-_M - Ktm: 690 SM 07-_M, 690 SM Prestige 07-_M, 950 Supermoto_M, 990 Adventure_M, 990 Super Duke R_M, 990 Super Duke_M, 990 Supermoto_M, RC 8_M, RC8 1190 08-_M - Mv Agusta: Brutale R_M, Brutale S_M, F4 1000 R_M, F4 1000 S_M, F4 750_M - Suzuki: Bandit GSF 1200_M, Bandit GSF 1250_M, Bandit GSF 400_M, Bandit GSF 600_M, Bandit GSF 650 07-_M, Bandit GSF 650/S 05-06_M, Bandit S GSF 600_M, Burgman 125_S, Burgman 200 07-_S, Burgman 250 -06_S, Burgman 400 01-06_S, Burgman 400 07-_S, Burgman 650_S, DL 1000 V-Strom_M, DL 650 V-Strom_M, Gladius_M, GS 500 01-_M, GSR 600_M, GSR 750_M, GSX 1200_M, GSX 1400_M, GSX 600 F 98-_M, GSX 750 F 89-96_M, GSX 750 F 98-_M, GSX 750 Naked_M, GSX F 600 97-00_M, GSX F 650 08-_M, GSX R 1000 01-02_M, GSX R 1000 03-04_M, GSX R 1000 05-06_M, GSX R 1000 07-08_M, GSX R 1000 09-11_M, GSX R 1100 93-94_M, GSX R 1100 95-97_M, GSX R 1300 08-_M, GSX R 600 01-03_M, GSX R 600 04-05_M, GSX R 600 06-07_M, GSX R 600 08-10_M, GSX R 600 11-_M, GSX R 600 97-00_M, GSX R 750 00-03_M, GSX R 750 04-05_M, GSX R 750 06-07_M, GSX R 750 08-10_M, GSX R 750 11-_M, GSX R 750 92-93_M, GSX R 750 94-95_M, GSX R 750 96-99_M, RF 600_M, RF 900 94-95_M, RF 900 96-97_M, RG 250_M , RG 500_M, RGV 250_M, RM 125 -05_M, RM 125 -06_M, RM 250 06-_M, RM 250_M, RMZ 250 06-_M, RMZ 450_M, SV 1000_M, SV 650 -02_M, SV 650/S 03-08_M, SV 650S -02_M, TL 1000 R_M, TL 1000 S_M, XF 650 Freewind_M - Triumph: Daytona 675_M, Daytona 97-98 T595_M, Daytona 99-01 T955_M, Daytona T955 02-04_M, Speed Triple 1050 08-10_M, Speed Triple 1050 11-_M, Speed Triple T1050 05-06_M, Speed Triple T1050 07_M, Speed Triple T509 -96_M, Speed Triple T509 97-01_M, Speed Triple T955 02-04_M, Sprint ST 1050_M, Street Triple R -11_M, Thruxton 900_M - Yamaha: FJR 1300_M, FZ1 Naked 06-_M, FZ1/Fazer 1000 -05_M, FZ1/Fazer 1000 06-_M, FZ6 S2_M, FZ6_M, FZ8_M, Majesty 400 -08_S, Majesty 400 09-_S, MT-01_M, MT-03_M, MT-07_M, MT-09_M, R1 00-01_M, R1 02-03_M, R1 04-06_M, R1 07-08_M, R1 09-14_M, R1 15-_M, R1 98-99_M, R6 01-02_M, R6 03-04_M, R6 05_M, R6 06-07_M, R6 08-15_M, R6 99-00_M, SZR 660_M, T-MAX 500 -03_S, T-MAX 500 04-07_S, T-MAX 500 08-11_S, T-Max 530 12-_S, TDM 850 91-95_M, TDM 850 96-01_M, TDM 900_M, V-Max 1700_M, X City 250 euro 3_S, X-Max 125 06-09_S, X-MAX 125 10-13_S, X-Max 250 06-09_S, X-Max 250 10-13_S, X-MAX 400_S, XJ6-N 08-_M, XJ6-S/FZ6R_M, XJR 1300_M, XT 660 04-06_M, XT 660 R 07-_M, XT 660 X 07-_M, XTZ 660 Tenerè 08-_M

Dorsoduro 750_M
ETV 1000 Caponord_M
Mana 850_M
Pegaso 650 Factory_M
Pegaso 650 Strada_M
Pegaso 650 Trail_M
RS 125 06-10_M
RS 250 95-97_M
RS 250 98-_M
RST 1000 Futura_M
RSV 1000 -03_M
RSV 1000 04-_M
RSV 1000 R -03_M
RXV 4.5-5.5_M
SL 1000 Falco_M
SXV 4.5-5.5_M
Shiver 750_M
Tuono 1000 -05_M
Tuono 1000 06-09_M
Tuono V4 R_M
Tornado TRE -07_M
HP2 Megamoto_M
R 1200 GS -09_M
R 1200 GS 10-_M
R 1200 R_M
R 1200 S_M
R NineT_M
Mito 125_M
Navigator 1000_M
Raptor 125_M
Raptor 650_M
Raptor 1000_M
V-Raptor 650_M
V-Raptor 1000_M
Xtra Raptor 1000_M
748 95-97 biposto_M
748 98- biposto_M
748 R_M
748 SPS_M
748 SP_M
916 95-00 biposto_M
916 Racing_M
916 SPS_M
996 SPS_M
1098 R_M
1098 S_M
1198 S_M
1199 Panigale_M
1199 S Panigale_M
Desmosedici RR_M
GT 1000 07-_M
Hypermotard 796_M
Hypermotard 1100 EVO_M
Hypermotard 1100_M
Monster 400_M
Monster 600 95-98_M
Monster 600 99-01_M
Monster 600 1994_M
Monster 620_M
Monster 695_M
Monster 696_M
Monster 750 00-_M
Monster 750 96-99_M
Monster 796_M
Monster 800 i.e._M
Monster 900 00-_M
Monster 900 93-99_M
Monster 1000 i.e._M
Monster 1100 EVO_M
Monster 1100 S_M
Monster 1100_M
Monster S2R 800_M
Monster S2R 1000_M
Monster S4R -06_M
Monster S4R 07-_M
Monster S4RS_M
Monster S4_M
Multistrada 620_M
Multistrada 1000_M
Multistrada 1100_M
Multistrada 1200 10-12_M
Multistrada 1200 13-15_M
Paul Smart 1000 06-_M
SS 350_M
SS 400_M
SS 600_M
SS 620_M
SS 750 91-97_M
SS 750 98-_M
SS 800_M
SS 900 91-97_M
SS 900 98-_M
SS 1000_M
Scrambler 2015_M
Streetfighter 1100 S_M
Streetfighter 1100_M
GP 800_S
RC 600_M
Africa Twin 90-91_M
Africa Twin 92_M
Africa Twin 93-95_M
Africa Twin 96-_M
Africa Twin 650_M
Africa Twin CRF1000L 15-_M
CB 500 S 97-_M
CB 1000 F_M
CB 1000 R_M
CB 1000 big-one_M
CB 1100 F_M
CB 1300 03-07_M
CB 1300 99-02_M
CBF 500 04-06_M
CBF 600 -07_M
CBF 600 08-_M
CBF 1000 ST_M
CBF 1000_M
CBR 600 91-92_M
CBR 600 93-94_M
CBR 600 95-98_M
CBR 600 99-00_M
CBR 600 F 01-06_M
CBR 600 FS 01-02_M
CBR 600 RR 03-04_M
CBR 600 RR 05-06_M
CBR 600 RR 07-08_M
CBR 600 RR 09-12_M
CBR 600 RR 13-16
CBR 900 00-01_M
CBR 900 02-03_M
CBR 900 92-93_M
CBR 900 94-95_M
CBR 900 96-97_M
CBR 900 98-99_M
CBR 1000 RR 04-05_M
CBR 1000 RR 06-07_M
CBR 1000 RR 08-11_M
CBR 1100 97-98_M
CBR 1100 99-_M
CRF 50_M
CRF 70_M
CRF 250 04-09_M
CRF 450 R 04-09_M
CRF 450 R 2002_M
CRF 450 R 2003_M
Dominator 88-92_M
Dominator 93-97_M
Dominator 98-_M
FMX 650_M
Hornet 600 03-04_M
Hornet 600 05-06_M
Hornet 600 07-10_M
Hornet 600 11-_M
Hornet 600 98-02_M
Hornet 900_M
Integra 700_S
SLR 650_M
Transalp 87-90_M
Transalp 91-93_M
Transalp 94-96_M
Transalp 97-99_M
Transalp 650_M
Transalp 700_M
VFR 750 86-87_M
VFR 750 88-89_M
VFR 750 90-93_M
VFR 750 94-97_M
VFR 800 98-01_M
VFR 800 V-Tec_M
VTR 1000 F_M
VTR SP1/RC51 00-01_M
VTR SP2/RC51 02-_M
Varadero 1000_M
Vigor 650_M
X 11_M
XR 400_M
XR 600_M
XR 650 L_M
XR 650 R_M
ER-6F -08_M
ER-6F 09-_M
ER 5_M
ER 6n -08_M
ER 6n 09-_M
KX 250 -05_M
KX 250/F 06-_M
KX 450/F 06-_M
Versys 650_M
Z 750 04-06_M
Z 750 07-12_M
Z 750 R 11-_M
Z 800_M
Z 1000 03-06_M
Z 1000 07-09_M
Z 1000 10-13_M
Z 1000 14-15_M
Z 1000 SX_M
ZRX 1100_M
ZRX 1200_M
ZX-6 R/RR 05-06_M
ZX-6R/RR 03-04_M
ZX-6R 00-02_M
ZX-6R 07-08_M
ZX-6R 09-13_M
ZX-6R 95-97_M
ZX-6R 98-99_M
ZX-7 Ninja_M
ZX-9 00-01_M
ZX-9 02-03_M
ZX-9 94-95_M
ZX-9 96-97_M
ZX-9 98-99_M
ZX-10R 04-05_M
ZX-10R 06-07_M
ZX-10R 08-10_M
ZX-10R 11-13_M
ZX-14R/ZZR 1400_M
ZXR 400_M
ZXR 750 91-92_M
ZXR 750 93-95_M
ZXR 1100_M
ZZR 600 90-92
ZZR 600 93-_M
ZZR 1100 90-92_M
ZZR 1100 93-97_M
ZZR 1100 98-00_M
ZZR 1200_M
690 SM 07-_M
690 SM Prestige 07-_M
950 Supermoto_M
990 Adventure_M
990 Super Duke R_M
990 Super Duke_M
990 Supermoto_M
RC8 1190 08-_M
RC 8_M
MV Agusta
Brutale R_M
Brutale S_M
F4 750_M
F4 1000 R_M
F4 1000 S_M
Bandit GSF 400_M
Bandit GSF 600_M
Bandit GSF 650 07-_M
Bandit GSF 650/S 05-06_M
Bandit GSF 1200_M
Bandit GSF 1250_M
Bandit S GSF 600_M
Burgman 125_S
Burgman 200 07-_S
Burgman 250 -06_S
Burgman 400 01-06_S
Burgman 400 07-_S
Burgman 650_S
DL 650 V-Strom_M
DL 1000 V-Strom_M
GS 500 01-_M
GSR 600_M
GSR 750_M
GSX 600 F 98-_M
GSX 750 F 89-96_M
GSX 750 F 98-_M
GSX 750 Naked_M
GSX 1200_M
GSX 1400_M
GSX F 600 97-00_M
GSX F 650 08-_M
GSX R 600 01-03_M
GSX R 600 04-05_M
GSX R 600 06-07_M
GSX R 600 08-10_M
GSX R 600 11-_M
GSX R 600 97-00_M
GSX R 750 00-03_M
GSX R 750 04-05_M
GSX R 750 06-07_M
GSX R 750 08-10_M
GSX R 750 11-_M
GSX R 750 92-93_M
GSX R 750 94-95_M
GSX R 750 96-99_M
GSX R 1000 01-02_M
GSX R 1000 03-04_M
GSX R 1000 05-06_M
GSX R 1000 07-08_M
GSX R 1000 09-11_M
GSX R 1100 93-94_M
GSX R 1100 95-97_M
GSX R 1300 08-_M
RF 600_M
RF 900 94-95_M
RF 900 96-97_M
RG 250_M
RG 500_M
RGV 250_M
RM 125 -05_M
RM 125 -06_M
RM 250 06-_M
RM 250_M
RMZ 250 06-_M
RMZ 450_M
SV 650 -02_M
SV 650/S 03-08_M
SV 650S -02_M
SV 1000_M
TL 1000 R_M
TL 1000 S_M
XF 650 Freewind_M
Daytona 97-98 T595_M
Daytona 99-01 T955_M
Daytona 675_M
Daytona T955 02-04_M
Speed Triple 1050 08-10_M
Speed Triple 1050 11-_M
Speed Triple T509 -96_M
Speed Triple T509 97-01_M
Speed Triple T955 02-04_M
Speed Triple T1050 05-06_M
Speed Triple T1050 07_M
Sprint ST 1050_M
Street Triple R -11_M
Thruxton 900_M
FJR 1300_M
FZ1 Naked 06-_M
FZ1/Fazer 1000 -05_M
FZ1/Fazer 1000 06-_M
FZ6 S2_M
MT-09 13-16
MT-09 17-20
Majesty 400 -08_S
Majesty 400 09-_S
R1 00-01_M
R1 02-03_M
R1 04-06_M
R1 07-08_M
R1 09-14_M
R1 15-18_M
R1 98-99_M
R6 01-02_M
R6 03-04_M
R6 05_M
R6 06-07_M
R6 08-15_M
R6 99-00_M
SZR 660_M
TDM 850 91-95_M
TDM 850 96-01_M
TDM 900_M
TMAX 500 -03_S
TMAX 500 04-07_S
TMAX 500 08-11_S
TMax 530 12-16_S
V-Max 1700_M
X-MAX 125 10-13_S
X-MAX 400_S
X-Max 125 06-09_S
X-Max 250 06-09_S
X-Max 250 10-13_S
X City 250 euro 3_S
XJ6-N 08-_M
XJR 1300_M
XSR 700_M
XT 660 04-06_M
XT 660 R 07-_M
XT 660 X 07-_M
XTZ 660 Tenerè 08-_M

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