Malossi Bottle SGX Sport Gear Oil 80W90 250 ml
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Malossi Bottle SGX Sport Gear Oil 80W90 250 ml

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Advanced specification gear and transmission oil. It contains E.P. additives which protect transmission parts even under severe shock load conditions and give outstanding long life wear resistance. By reducing viscous drag and friction, the product ensures smooth and slick gear changes, reducing wear and transmission power losses. The unique thermally stable construction of these lubricants maintains higher protection in all climates. This product can be used in wet clutch systems including Kevlar® and aluminium types. It grants higher performances and it prevents the overheating of the gear parts in such a better way compared to the traditional mineral oils. Compatible with: - Aprilia: Area 51_S, Atlantic 125_S, Atlantic 200_S, Atlantic 500_S, Leonardo 125/150/250_S, Leonardo 300_S, Rally 50 AC_S, Rally 50 LC_S, Scarabeo 100_S, Scarabeo 125_S, Scarabeo 150_S, Scarabeo 200/250_S, Scarabeo 250 IE 06-_S, Scarabeo 300_S, Scarabeo 400_S, Scarabeo 50 Min.AC_S, Scarabeo 50 Piaggio_S, Scarabeo 500_S, Sonic 50 AC_S, Sonic 50 LC_S, Sportcity 125_S, Sportcity 250_S, Sportcity 300_S, SR 125/150_S, SR 50 04-Piag._S, SR 50 Min.AC 94-_S, SR 50 Min.LC_S - Beta: Ark 50 AC_S, Ark 50 LC_S - Bmw: C 600 Sport_S - Derbi: GP1 50 LC_S, GPR 125 06-_S, GPR 50 06-_S, GPR 50_S - Gilera: DNA 125_S, DNA 50 LC_S, Fuoco 500_S, GP 800_S, Nexus 125_S, Nexus 250_S, Nexus 300_S, Nexus 500_S, Runner 125 04-_S, Runner 125 VX_S, Runner 125/180_S, Runner 200 04-_S, Runner 200 VXR_S, Runner SP 50 -05_S, Runner SP 50 06-_S, Stalker 50 AC_S, Thyphoon 125 2T_S, Thyphoon 50 AC_S, Typhoon 125_S - Kymco: Dynk 125/150_S, Gran Dynk 250_S, People 125/150_S, People 250/300_S, Xciting 250/300_S, XCITING 500_S - Malaguti: Centro 50 AC_S, F10_S, F12 AC_S, F12 LC_S, F15 Firefox_S, F18_S, Madison 125/150/180_S, Madison 300_S, Madison 400_S, Yesterday_S - Mbk: Booster 100 2T_S, Booster 50 euro 0-1_S, Booster 50 euro 2_S, Flame/New Flame_S, Mach G 50 AC_S, Mach G 50 LC_S, Nitro 50_S, Ovetto_S, Skycruiser 125_S, Skyliner 125/150_S, Skyliner 250_S, Stunt 50 euro 0-1_S, Stunt 50 euro 2_S, XC Kilibre 300_S - Piaggio: Beverly 125 06-_S, Beverly 125_S, Beverly 200 06-_S, Beverly 200_S, Beverly 250 04-05_S, Beverly 250 06-07_S, Beverly 250 08-_S, Beverly 300_S, Beverly 400_S, Beverly 50 06-_S, Beverly 500_S, Carnaby 300_S, Fly 125/150_S, Hexagon 125/180_S, Hexagon 250_S, Liberty 125_S, Liberty 50_S, MP3 125_S, MP3 250_S, MP3 400_S, MP3 500_S, NRG 50_S, Vespa 125/150 ET4/LX_S, Vespa 50 ET2_S, Vespa GT/GTS 300_S, X7 125_S, X8 125_S, X8 250_S, X9 125/180/200/250_S, X9 500_S, Zip 50 2000_S, ZIP SP 01-_S - Yamaha: AEROX 50_S, BW's 50 euro 0-1_S, BW's 50 euro 2_S, Majesty 125/150/180_S, Majesty 250_S, Majesty 400 -08_S, Majesty 400 09-_S, neo's 50_S, SR 500_M, T-MAX 500 -03_S, T-MAX 500 04-07_S, T-MAX 500 08-11_S, T-Max 530 12-_S, X City 250 euro 3_S, X-City 125_S, X-Max 125 06-09_S, X-MAX 125 10-13_S, X-MAX 125 14-_S, X-Max 250 06-09_S, X-Max 250 10-13_S, X-MAX 250 14-_S, X-MAX 400_S, XC 125/150 Cygnus/Fly One_S, XC Versity 300_S
0.30 kg
Area 51_S
Atlantic 125_S
Atlantic 200_S
Atlantic 500_S
Leonardo 125/150/250_S
Leonardo 300_S
Rally 50 AC_S
Rally 50 LC_S
SR 50 04-Piag._S
SR 50 Min.AC 94-_S
SR 50 Min.LC_S
SR 125/150_S
Scarabeo 50 Min.AC_S
Scarabeo 50 Piaggio_S
Scarabeo 100_S
Scarabeo 125_S
Scarabeo 150_S
Scarabeo 200/250_S
Scarabeo 250 IE 06-_S
Scarabeo 300_S
Scarabeo 400_S
Scarabeo 500_S
Sonic 50 AC_S
Sonic 50 LC_S
Sportcity 125_S
Sportcity 250_S
Sportcity 300_S
Ark 50 AC_S
C 600 Sport_S
GP1 50 LC_S
GPR 50 06-_S
GPR 50_S
GPR 125 06-_S
DNA 125_S
Fuoco 500_S
GP 800_S
Nexus 125_S
Nexus 250_S
Nexus 300_S
Nexus 500_S
Runner 125 04-_S
Runner 125 VX_S
Runner 125/180_S
Runner 200 04-_S
Runner 200 VXR_S
Runner SP 50 -05_S
Runner SP 50 06-_S
Stalker 50 AC_S
Thyphoon 50 AC_S
Thyphoon 125 2T_S
Typhoon 125_S
Dynk 125/150_S
Gran Dynk 250_S
People 125/150_S
People 250/300_S
Xciting 250/300_S
Centro 50 AC_S
F12 AC_S
F12 LC_S
F15 Firefox_S
Madison 125/150/180_S
Madison 300_S
Madison 400_S
Booster 50 euro 0-1_S
Booster 50 euro 2_S
Booster 100 2T_S
Flame/New Flame_S
Mach G 50 AC_S
Mach G 50 LC_S
Nitro 50_S
Skycruiser 125_S
Skyliner 125/150_S
Skyliner 250_S
Stunt 50 euro 0-1_S
Stunt 50 euro 2_S
XC Kilibre 300_S
Beverly 50 06-_S
Beverly 125 06-_S
Beverly 125_S
Beverly 200 06-_S
Beverly 200_S
Beverly 250 04-05_S
Beverly 250 06-07_S
Beverly 250 08-_S
Beverly 300_S
Beverly 400_S
Beverly 500_S
Carnaby 300_S
Fly 125/150_S
Hexagon 125/180_S
Hexagon 250_S
Liberty 50_S
Liberty 125_S
MP3 125_S
MP3 250_S
MP3 400_S
MP3 500_S
NRG 50_S
Vespa 50 ET2_S
Vespa 125/150 ET4/LX_S
Vespa GT/GTS 300_S
X7 125_S
X8 125_S
X8 250_S
X9 125/180/200/250_S
X9 500_S
ZIP SP 01-_S
Zip 50 2000_S
BW\'s 50 euro 0-1_S
BW\'s 50 euro 2_S
Majesty 125/150/180_S
Majesty 250_S
Majesty 400 -08_S
Majesty 400 09-_S
SR 500_M
TMAX 500 -03_S
TMAX 500 04-07_S
TMAX 500 08-11_S
TMax 530 12-16_S
X-City 125_S
X-MAX 125 10-13_S
X-MAX 125 14-16_S
X-MAX 250 14-16_S
X-MAX 400_S
X-Max 125 06-09_S
X-Max 250 06-09_S
X-Max 250 10-13_S
XC 125/150 Cygnus/Fly One_S
XC Versity 300_S
X City 250 euro 3_S
neo\'s 50_S

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