Cold tire alarm - CTA for motorbike
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Cold tire alarm - CTA for motorbike

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CTA - Cold Tire Alarm Do you want to know if your tires are hot enough? CTA is able to tell you. • 2 infrared temperature sensors 0÷150°C. • 1 Bicolor Led for each tire side. Flashing Red: Warning cold tire, Green light: OK. • Possibility to know instant temperature. • Easy adjustment through button and display; no PC required. • Wide screeening area: about 40mm. • Analogic output for Power Slide Control PRO IRC and Telemetry Systems. • Carbon plate. • Quick Installation. • PATENTED. DO YOU BELIEVE YOU DON’T NEED IT? THINK: • Are you always using Tire Warmers even when you are driving on the street? • Do you believe that during parade lap you your tires remains hot? • Do you believe that after the red flag your tires remain hot? • Are you using Bridgestone MotoGP and you are not able to run below ‘51 in Mugello? Some deeper words on the product: Complete telemetry system is better but few people can afford the investment and the difficulty on use. CTA is simpler and can be connected to telemetry too, so you have instant temperature data if you need. CTA provides an useful alarm, easy to be set. If you aim is even to know the max temperature during your session, just to understand if the tire compound choice is proper or not, CTA is able to tell you. CTA can be connected to our Traction Control. How many road users are going fast on open roads without knowing if the tires are hot enough? Think to people who uses bikes on road and sometimes in track and don't have TWs. CTA is very useful for them too. In several races telemetry is forbidden but not a system like our CTA. Wherever you are CTA tells you if you can turn full throttle.
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